The BTMS Portal will be the open source solution of BTMS and serves as the gateway to the BTMS application. The portal provides a point of contact between the Government of the Philippines and the public audience. The official website of the project will also work as a repository for the project’s resources, programs and activities. Information about the BTMS is readily available and will include top news, policy issuances, budget performance and related statistics, library of key resources, galleries of photos and videos, and upcoming events.

The established web page for the BTMS project aims to reach a larger group of interested public audience, both locally and globally. Being accessible 24/7, the site can be accessed by the public in different time zones.

The site shall be maintained by the Project Management Office (PMO) in close coordination with the Budget Information and Training Service (BITS).


Implementation Schedules:

Tasks    Delivery Dates
Prepare Communications Management Strategy & Implementation Plan    Aug 19, 2016
Prepare System Design for BTMS Portal    Sept 14, 2016
Prepare Training Plan    Nov 16, 2016
Revise BTMS Portal System Design     Dec 15, 2016
Develop Training Material for BTMS Portal    Dec 3, 2016
Conduct QA Tests    Dec 4, 2016
Deliver Portal Users’ Training as Site Administrators    Dec 6, 2016
Deliver Portal Users’ Training as Content Editors and Approvers    Dec 7, 2016
Prepare Test Strategy and Plan and Test Cases   Dec 7, 2016
Prepare Templates for preparation of Test Data by GOP agencies    Dec 7, 2016
Prepare Additional Project Management Supporting Plans   Dec 7, 2016
Conduct First UAT by GOP    Dec 9, 2016
Complete analysis and resolution of gaps identified during First UAT    Dec 10, 2016
Develop content and material for Communications Programs   Dec 13, 2016
Demonstrate First Prototype of Proposed Portal    Dec 18, 2016
Conduct Second UAT by GOP    Dec 29, 2016
Complete analysis and resolution of gaps identified during Second UAT    Dec 30, 2016
Demonstrate Second Prototype of Proposed Portal    Jan 6, 2017
Update Training Manuals and Test Cases    Jan 10, 2017
Conduct Third UAT by GOP    Jan 12, 2017
Prepare QA Test Report    Jan 13, 2017
Complete Development or Configuration and Customization   Jan 13, 2017
Complete analysis and resolution of gaps identified during Third UAT    Jan 13, 2017
Prepare Production Environments and Databases    Jan 13, 2017
Prepare UAT Test Report    Jan 16, 2017
Complete all final preparations and updates to BTMS System and Documentation    Jan 16, 2017
Prepare Training Reports    Jan 16, 2017
Launch BTMS Portal’s Internal Go Live     Jan 16, 2017
Conduct Performance Tests    Jan 17, 2017
Receive GOP Acceptance of the final BTMS Portal    Jan 20, 2017
Update User, Administration, and Training Manuals    Jan 30, 2017
Launch BTMS Portal’s Public Go Live     Jan 31, 2017
Provide Post Implementation Support Services for BTMS Portal    Feb 1, 2017
Operations and maintenance, IT and infrastructure support for BTMS Portal     Feb 1, 2017
Turnover full BTMS Portal administration and operations and maintenance    June 30, 2017