The Budget and Treasury Management System (BTMS) is a common, modern, integrated, accurate, reliable and secure information system for the public financial management (PFM) operations of the Government of the Philippines (GOP). It provides a sustainable government resource planning solution that is extensible, flexible thereby supporting a range of public financial requirements, and adaptable to reform and modernization.

The system will be used to collect and organize government financial information through a central database that supports the following crucial PFM functions:

  1. Budget Management
  2. Commitments Management
  3. Payments Management
  4. Receipts Management
  5. Cash Management
  6. Property, Plant and Equipment 
  7. Accounting and Fiscal Reporting


The BTMS Project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Adoption of PFM best practices;
  • Integration of appropriations, allotments, cash allocations, commitments, obligations, disbursements, and reporting functions;
  • Elimination of multiple standalone systems;
  • Real time on-line monitoring of appropriations versus allotments versus obligations versus disbursements;
  • Government-wide consolidation of reports;
  • Systematic real time recording and reporting of all revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities;
  • Standardization of processes, formats, and reporting across GOP; and,
  • Automation of manual processes.


The diagram below outlines the specific PFM functions to be supported by BTMS as well as interfaces with other related functions of the government and other stakeholders, e.g. budget preparation, debt management and revenue collections, among others.


BTMS will initially be implemented by  the DBM and BTr as both oversight and spending agencies. COA will have special access  to support in oversight and auditing functions. Other spending agencies will use the system for budget execution and accountability.